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Special Lenses
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There are moments in our lives that require a specific lens, moments such as driving, playing sports, or working with a computer. Eye-Kraft’s Specialty designs provide wearers with the appropriate solution for every situation, improving their visual comfort and quality of vision. With the Specialty Series, any specific visual need can be met.

Since single vision and bifocal wearers also deserve to have high definition vision and the best possible lens aesthetics, Eye-Kraft offers a complete range of high-end digital bifocals and single vision designs.

Digital Ray-Path, Surface-Power, and inMotion are registered trademarks of Indizen Optical Technologies.


Free-form fully personalized digital lens

Digital Ray-Path® is the most advanced technology available to make digital lenses. The important difference appears when calculating the back surface of the lens. Instead of using a pure geometrical method, Digital Ray-Path® technology is based on an advanced three-dimensional calculation model that takes into account the actual position of the lens and the natural movements of the human eye. The result of this innovative calculation method is a lens that is personalized and provides better vision in all zones of the lens. Digital Ray-Path® lenses are personalized according to the individual parameters of each wearer.


Relaxation and comfort in front of a digital display

Surface Power® is an entry-level digital technology. Digital lenses made with this technology have the Rx surface on the back side of the lens, and a simple curve, typically a sphere, on the front side. The Rx surface is calculated using a pure geometrical method that produces lenses with similar optical performance as conventional lenses, but with the advantages of the digital process, like flexible designs, variable corridor lengths and insets. Surface Power® designs transfer the lens design to the back surface of the lens to allow free-form processing.


Smart Technologies

Smart Add is a technology specifically designed to improve comfort when viewing electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.). The intermediate and near visual regions have been optimized for agile focus with less effort. The eyes are more relaxed, eyestrain disappears, and the wearer’s posture is more ergonomic. Smart Add technology improves lens performance while reading on screens, optimizing the surface for a more dynamic vision.



Specialty lenses produced with Digital Ray-Path® can be produced for wrap frames. When using Digital Ray-Path® technology, the optician can measure the wrap angle of the frame and include this information when ordering a personalized progressive lens.

Digital Ray-Path® compensates for high rotation and lens tilt. This advanced technology generates progressive lenses that take into account a high wrap angle and provide the wearer with a high definition field of vision. No matter the gaze direction or frame curvature, the final quality of vision is always optimized to offer the highest optical performance.

Available for DLS Anti-Fatigue, DLS inMotion™, and DLS Single Vision designs.