DLS Everyday+

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Digital Progressive Lenses


The EVERYDAY+ Series represents a group of engineered designs that incorporates Steady Methodology. Steady Methodology controls unwanted cylinder power and mitigates unwanted changes to mean power in the lateral areas of the lens. This improves peripheral visual acuity, reduces the dreaded “swim effect,” and provides superior image stability for comfortable, natural vision.  The DLS Everyday+ is a sophisticated and highly engineered lens designed for patients on a budget looking for the best performance for their lens investment.


Non-compensated free-form progressive design

The DLS Everyday+ Series is a full backside design. This lens series is non-compensated, meaning position of wear elements are not considered in generating the prescription. Your prescription as read in a lensometer will match what was ordered from the patient’s refraction. In this lens design, patients will experience good visual acuity, precise focus at all working distances, and higher image stability to reduce swim effect. In the distance zone, patients will also enjoy good peripheral quality.  Because the design is back-side and fully digital, the material availability is almost limitless.


Lifestyle Elements

The DLS Everyday+ can be customized for the lifestyle of each patient. The B+ (balanced) element positions peripheral distortion in the middle of the lens, providing balanced, easy vision at all distances. The D+ (distance) element focuses on moving distortion down in the lens, providing edge-to-edge clarity in the distance for outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, and anyone who values their distance vision most in their lens. The Mobile+ element focuses more on the intermediate zone, and is great for digital device users and patients who spend time at computers. Opticians can specify the element on their order, and the B+ element is the default design if not specified.



The DLS Everyday+ series can be customized for wrap frames. By providing a wrap angle measurement on the order, opticians can help reduce swim at the periphery typical on wrapped progressive lenses. These lenses can also be adjusted to accomodate non-standard convergence and decentration with prescribed near pupilary distance measurements.


Corridor Length and Minimum Fitting Height

Opticians can control corridor length by specifying the minimum fittting heights for their patients. The DLS Everyday+ can be ordered with 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18mm minimum fitting heights.