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Premium Lensesby Eye-Kraft

Artisan technologies in our most premium, technology-leading lens design:
  • Ergo Path – For automatic selection of the optimal corridor length
  • Thinmax – Unmatched cosmetics and flexible dispensing for hyperopes
  • Binocular Balance – Balances and minimizes lateral peripheral distortion
  • Clearview – Groundbreaking distortion and aberration management
  • Optimesh – Compensation and full personalization for position of wear
  • Digital Profile – The most comfortable, natural posture and gaze position for modern

Groundbreaking Technology


Patented technology that uses the shape of the frame to obtain the optimum lens thickness.

  • Maximum aesthetics and lightness
  • Increases flexibility in material and design selection

Thanks to a new distribution and minimization of the lateral astigmatism, this patented technology is moving the typical blurriness of PAL to the non-useful areas of the lens

  • Up to 40% less lateral aberrations
  • Wide & sharp visual fields
  • Minimized lateral motion and swim

Technology to balance and minimize the astigmatism and distortion on both sides of the corridor.

  • Optimum binocular vision
  • Better fusion of lateral images
  • Sharper peripheral vision

Ray-path technology to compensate prescriptions for patient physiology and position of wear measurements.

  • Lenses are optimized for each user
  • Wider and more comfortable reading area
  • Minimizes lateral astigmatism

Addresses the visual and ergonomic needs of modern presbyopes who frequently use mobile electronic devices.

  • Ergonomic design that favors comfort
  • Wider and ergonomic reading area
  • Soft transition from far to near vision
Variable Inset & Corridor

Because no two eyes are the same, insets and corridor lengths can be optimized and personalized for each frame and lens combination.

  • First level of personalization in PAL lenses
  • Adaptable to each type of frame

Patented technology to personalize the corridor length according to the
vertical rotation angle, creating the most comfortable progression experience available.

  • Made-to-measure progression profile
  • Maximum visual comfort
  • Fast adaptation

Artisan iOn® lenses are a true optical revolution that will transform the progressive lens experience from fitting, to lens design, to dispensing.

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