SEIKO Free Form
Digital Progressives



Eye-Kraft is proud to offer Seiko free form digital progressives. Seiko is an innovator in free form, and their patented designs include everything from the most customizable, highly personalized lenses on the market, to comfortable, easy to wear general purpose digital lenses. With Seiko lenses produced in-house at Eye-Kraft in an impressive range of materials, you have a selection for any type of patient.

SEIKO offers three levels of design, including Superior – the most personalized lens technology available. The Superior features 3 design options for the basic design (Balanced, Near-priority and Far-priority), 11 options for the corridor length, 51 options for the near zone inset and 21 options for the frame pantoscopic tilt. It is available in a wide variety of materials and coatings with add powers from +0.50 to +4.00 (8 & 9mm corridors to +3.00).




  • The best choice for all wearers, add powers and difficult Rx’s
  • The most customized lens for all lifestyles—3 design options, 11corridors, 51insets
  • Variable inset based on reading distance, corridor length, pantoscopic tilt, PD and RX
  • Advanced Aspheric Compensation improves clarity and visual comfort
  • One of the few progressives – digital or traditional offering up to a 4.00 add power in all materials


  • SEIKO Surmount – Soft design with the best vision in all zones
  • SEIKO Surmount WS – Hard design for wider viewing zones
  • Convex add curve on back surface for slimmer plus Rx’s
  • Ideal for difficult Rx’s with very high sphere, cylinder, adds, and or prism
  • Variable inset based on distance Rx, PD, and customized near reading distance
  • As-Worn technology allows for fully compensated measured power through out
  • Minimum fitting height: 14mm

SEIKO Supernal

  • Abetter choice for all wearers, combines soft and hard design technology
  • Developed using the new 3D Virtual Reality System for realistic simulation evaluation
  • Non-linear corridor expands vision around the fitting pointby 50%
  • Automatic semi-variable inset based on total Rx
  • Advanced aspheric compensation throughout improves clarity and visual comfort
  • Multi-polar Astigmatic correction improves panoramic vision and image stability
  • Minimum fitting height: 14mm