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Natural Accommodation Lenses®

Not a typical bifocal, trifocal, or PAL lens

DLS EZC is a Natural Accommodation Lens (NAL®) – a new multifocal concept that will differentiate your practice and allow you to serve patients dissatisfied with current multifocal products.


More Comfortable

Continuous sharp natural vision at any gaze from far distance to close near.


Instant Adaptation

DLS EZC NAL® have the look and feeling of Single Vision lenses with a multifocal performance


No swim or distortion

DLS EZC NAL® visual field is funnel-shaped rather than hourglass.


Easier Fit for Natural Vision

  • No Fitting Height Measurement
  • Natural Instinctive Vision
  • No Adaptation Period Required

DLS EZC NAL® Technology

  • Visual fields are funnel shape rather than hour glass with smoothly connected fields
  • Provides natural vision from distance to near
  • Wide intermediate visual fields have effortless mid-range navigation
  • Comfortable near reading vision

DLS EZC NAL® Benefits

  • Increase multifocal sales – lenses are available in all materials and treatments.
  • Eliminates costly redos and non-adapt issues due to fitting height errors.
  • Reduces valuable dispensing time − requires no fitting height.
  • Simplifies finishing layout − edged like a single vision.
  • Power verification and PRP is at the ERP only.