The Discontinuation of Miraflex

Miraflex frames have been a popular choice for kids and toddlers for many years. These frames were made of a flexible plastic and typically had no metal parts, making them ideal for kids who were hard on their glasses. The manufacturer of Miraflex recently sold the business to Essilor, and the warehouse has been closed, effectively ending availability of Miraflex frames.

Eye-Kraft has offered Miraflex for years under our Frame and Lens programs for both private pay patients and managed care programs. We’ve been working on alternatives for Miraflex, and have options available for these patients in our program for this year. The Tots and Critters lines are great options to replace Miraflex. Tots frames are covered under our standard frame pricing, and the Critters have a small deluxe frame upcharge for supply frame and display orders.

Give us a call in customer service for more information or to request samples for review and purchase, and keep an eye out 🙂 for more kids options coming soon!

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