Deluxe Frame Catalog

Welcome to Eye-Kraft Deluxe Frames! We’ve put together a grouping of kids and adult frames with bigger sizes, more durable materials, and stylish designs we think you’ll be pleased with. The Dr. Seuss and Critters collection are Tier 1 deluxe frames and offer durability and neat designs for kids who are tougher on their eyewear. In the Teir 2 category, Kids bright eyes offer adorable styles in lots of colors for smaller faces.

Reese – Kids Bright Eyes
85061 – Milo and Me
Seuss2 – Dr. Seuss Collection

Over the last few years we’ve gotten feedback that larger adult faces were being neglected in our selection and frames in general. We’ve added our Tier 3 frames selection to meet this need. Here we have some high-quality frames in stylish designs for both men and women in the Wide Guyz and Chic collections. Tier 3 also covers our sunglasses collection.

Scarface – Wide Guyz
Oaklynn – Chic
Adley – Chic

All of these deluxe frames are available with tiered pricing in our Eye-Kraft savings package program, and in some cases can be used for state insurance plans. Please check your customer portal pages for pricing and full availability.

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