Coatings Upgrade!

Eye-Kraft is excited to announce our latest innovation, ESRX+. Since introducing in-house AR production in 2015, Eye-Kraft has used spin coated hard coat products. Our ARs were quality, but focused on value. ESRX+ is a premium dip coated scratch product with increased durability, excellent clarity, and clear, colorless, blue-light protection built right into the base coating. Customers have asked us for years for stronger scratch protection, and ESRX+ is the solution.

Along with the upgrade of our scratch coating product, our Anti-Reflective coatings receive a boost in quality and performance as well. Our ClearKraft2, Clearkraft 550, and ClearKraft Natural products will be upgraded with the ESRX+ hard coat. The new products will be more durable and ALL will have about the same blue light protection as our ClearKraft HEV product, which will be discontinued for all new jobs. All of the following carry a 2-year, 2x warranty against product failure or scratches under normal use. The new AR and treatment line-ups will be:

2 Yr ScratchESRX+
ClearKraft 550ClearKraft 550+
ClearKraft NaturalClearKraft Natural+
ClearKraft HEVDiscontinued for new orders
AR Product Changes Effective 10/16/2023

Previously 2 Yr Scratch Coating, ESRX+ is a premium dipped hard coat with increased durability and clear blue light filtration.

Previously ClearKraft2, ClearKraft+ has the strength and blue light filtering of ESRX+ hard coating in a cool, blue reflectance.

Previously ClearKraft 550, ClearKraft 550+ offers the same characteristics of ClearKraft+ but with a subtle green reflectance.

Previously ClearKraft Natural, ClearKraft Natural+ offers the same characteristics of ClearKraft+ but with a nearly colorless reflection hue.


  • Can we still get the old coatings? 
    • ClearKraft2, ClearKraft HEV, and ClearKraft Natural will still be available for warranty and redo orders, all new orders will be keyed as the new coatings. 
  • Can I still get HEV?
    • The HEV and HEV Jade coatings will be discontinued for all new orders on the 16th of October. We’ll still do warranties and redos with the old coatings. 
  • Does the blue light filter in the scratch coating make the lenses yellow?
    • No, ESRX is very clear, in fact it’s more clear that our old scractch coating, and the AR products are incredibly attractive.
  • Can I get it without the blue light filtration?
    • Our House 1-year green and blue ARs will continue to be made with our old spin coating (with no blue light filtration) and will be priced the same.
  • Is there still a house 2-year scratch coating?
    • The premium scratch coating is now ESRx+, which has a 2 year, 2x warranty like before. There will be no house 2 year scratch coating moving forward.
  • Is there still a house 2-year AR Coating
    • No, our 2 year coatings are now the ClearKraft+ product. There is still a house 1-year AR.
  • What about savings package?
    • The new ARs will be used on the savings package as ordered, the house 1-year AR is still available.
  • How much are the new ARs?
    • The new ESRx scratch coating, ClearKraft+, ClearKraft550+, and ClearKraft Natural+ will all have a small increase, ECPs can contact customer service for more information.
  • Can these coatings be tinted?
    • No, the increased durability makes the dip coating untintable. Any tints with AR will be done with House 1-year AR.
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