ClearKraft+ Anti-Reflection
by Eye-Kraft


More Light
Better Vision

ESRx+® is Eye-Kraft’s newest durable, two-sided scratch protection.  This dip-coated treatment is the foundation for all of Eye-Kraft’s ClearKraft+® anti-reflective treatments and can also be ordered as a standalone treatment for scratch protection.  ESRx+® is nearly 4x as scratch resistant as our previous scratch treatment and contains a crystal clear blue-light filtering element.

ESRx+® represents the very best in scratch protection and elevates the entire Eye-Kraft treatments portfolio.


  • Can we still get the old coatings? 
    • ClearKraft2, ClearKraft HEV, and ClearKraft Natural will still be available for warranty and redo orders, all new orders will be keyed as the new coatings.
  • Which of the new ARs is superior?
    • Both the ClearKraft+ and ClearKraft Natural+ have superior cleanability, resist dirt, oils, and smudges, clean easily, and have over industry standard premium scratch resistance. The only difference between these coatings is the reflectance hue. ClearKraft+ is blue and ClearKraft Natural+ is clear.
  • Can I still get HEV?
    • The HEV coating will be discontinued for all new orders on the 16th of October. We’ll still do warranties and redos with the old coatings. The New ESRx+ scratch coating has blue light filtering built in, with no residual yellow color.
  • Does the blue light filter in the scratch coating make the lenses yellow?
    • No, ESRx+ is very clear, in fact it’s more clear that our old scractch coating, and the AR products are incredibly attractive.
  • Can I get it without the blue light filtration?
    • Our House 1-year green and blue ARs will continue to be made with our old spin coating (with no blue light filtration) and will be priced the same.
  • Is there still a house 2-year scratch coating?
    • The premium scratch coating is now ESRx+, which has a 2 year, 2x warranty like before. There will be no house 2 year scratch coating moving forward.
  • Is there still a house 2-year AR Coating
    • No, our 2 year coatings are now the ClearKraft+ product. There is still a house 1-year AR.
  • What about savings package?
    • The new ARs will be used on the savings package as ordered, the house 1-year AR is still available.
  • How much are the new ARs?
    • The new ESRx scratch coating, ClearKraft+, ClearKraft550+, and ClearKraft Natural+ will all have a small increase.
  • Can these coatings be tinted?
    • No, the increased durability makes the dip coating untintable. Any tints with AR will be done with House 1-year AR.
  • I can’t find these in my dropdowns, where are they?
    • Dropdowns will not be changing, you’ll be selecting the ClearKraft+ Product or the Natural product, and Eye-Kraft will make the switch at their end.
  • Can we get samples?
    • Eye-Kraft has sent sample lenses to your offices (you can request more from them at any time). Please note the Natural+ sample may have a taped section in the middle with no AR so you can demonstrate the anti-reflecting properties of the coatings to your patients.

ClearKraft+® is our newest high energy visible light filtering anti-reflective treatment. ClearKraft+® is extra scratch resistant, super hydrophobic for enhanced cleanability, and reisists dust, dirt, and oils. Like our original HEV products, ClearKraft+® filters light in the blue portion of the spectrum to help protect the eyes and reduce symptoms of blue-light related eyestrain.

ClearKraft+® is crystal clear with and presents with a cool blue color reflectance hue.

Our ClearKraft® Natural+ AR is durable and easy to clean and has a unique, colorless reflection. ClearKraft® Natural+ is great for patients who spend time in front of cameras and those who prefer no color reflecting from their lenses.

Why choose ClearKraft+ anti-reflective treatments?

Improved Technology - The ClearKraft+® Difference

  • ClearKraft+®  products are premium vacuum-deposited, multi-layered anti-reflection treatments using the ESRx+®  two-sided scratch coating.
  • ClearKraft+® is applied in-house with our state-of-the-art dip scratch coating line and vacuum deposition chamber.
  • Anti-reflective treatments do more than just let people see your eyes, it lets in more visible light for crisp, clear, better vision.
  • ESRx+® (scratch coat only), ClearKraft+®, and ClearKraft® Natural+ help protect the eyes from High Energy Visible (blue) light, decreasing symptoms of digital eye strain with no distracting bright purple color or amber color hue.
  • ClearKraft+® treatments are super-hydrophobic and anti-static, making it resistant to dust and body oils for superior cleanability.
  • ClearKraft+® products have a scratch resistance layer in the AR stack in addtion to ESRx+® to further protect lenses from wear and tear.