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The Universal Series represents a group of high quality, semi-personalized designs calculated with Digital Ray-Path® technology. Default personalized Position of Wear (POW) parameters are calculated when the design is computed. The lens calculation uses pre-configured parameters that correspond with average values. Therefore, it is not necessary to measure personalization parameters when ordering these products. As a result, a partially personalized but fully compensated lens is achieved. Wearers receive a great visual experience with a much higher visual definition and level of comfort compared to a non-compensated progressive lens.

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Digital Ray-Path® is the most advanced technology available to make digital lenses. The important difference appears when calculating the back surface of the lens. Instead of using a pure geometrical method, Digital Ray-Path® technology is based on an advanced three-dimensional calculation model that takes into account the actual position of the lens and the natural movements of the human eye. The result of this innovative calculation method is a lens that is personalized and provides better vision in all zones of the lens. Digital Ray-Path® lenses are personalized according to the individual parameters of each wearer.


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Universal Calculations Parameters

Universal Paramters Table
Some physiologic parameters as well as frame data should be provided when ordering a Universal progressive design to
guarantee the best optics and aesthetics in the lens. The real pantoscopic and wrapping angle as well as the vertex distance are not included in the calculation of the lens; default values will be used instead. Therefore, the wearer will get a partially personalized, but fully compensated lens with higher visual definition and level of comfort than with a non-compensated progressive lens.


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