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Digital Progressive Designs

The Everyday progressive design series is a group of designs engineered to provide customers with an entry level digitally surfaced lens. This product family has all the benefits of conventional lenses plus some new features from digital surfacing technology. Generally, Everyday progressive lenses are recommended to be offered as mid-range products, affordable lenses for those wearers who are looking for a good, economic lens.

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Surface Power Logo Free-form non-compensated digital lens

Surface Power® is an entry-level digital technology. Digital lenses made with this technology have the Rx surface on the back side of the lens, and a simple curve, typically a sphere, on the front side. The Rx surface is calculated using a pure geometrical method that produces lenses with similar optical performance as conventional lenses, but with the advantages of the digital process, like flexible designs, variable corridor lengths and insets. Surface Power® designs transfer the lens design to the back surface of the lens to allow free-form processing.


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